Cath Kidston

I have never spoken about a handbag on my blog before, and since this bag from Cath Kidston is my favourite handbag I own, I am reviewing it in this blogpost and why I love using it as my everyday bag.

I bought this bag during the summer last year, and although it isn’t available anymore on the website, there are many similiar designs and prints that are available. I use this bag as my everyday handbag.

This bag is matt coated and has an amazing floral print with a grey background. The print is grey, baby blue, pale pink, green, and red with little bits of white. This design came in two different background shades, one grey and one dark blue, but I felt grey was easier to fit with most outfits, so I chose that.

It has an adjustable detachable strap, which I love because you can decide whether you want to carry it with the strap on your shoulder or not. I also keep a keychain on the part of the strap that hooks onto the bag. The one I have on my bag is one from New Look, and the link to it can be found here. The Cath Kidston logo is placed at the front of the bag in gold.

The bottom of the bag has four gold studs that allow the bag to stay upright, which is something I look for when buying bags as I really don’t like it when my bag doesn’t stay sitting up.

The main compartment of the bag fits more than you think, closes with a magnet, and inside there are two pockets, one with a zip, and one without. The pocket with the zip fits quite a lot in it, as well as the pocket without the zip.

The final feature of the bag is the start inside the bag that is atatched to a small pouch (that comes with the bag) that you can fit anything small into like coins, for example.

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