Mini Primark Jewellery Haul

I recently went to Primark and did a mini little shop and bought two sets of jewellery, so for this week’s blogpost, I will be showing you both of them and how I plan to/have been wearing them.
The first thing I bought was this rose gold delicate necklace with a rose gold and silver mandala charm. This necklace was only £1.50, since Primark is a really affordable brand. I haven’t worn this yet and it doesnt match with everything I own, but it could be worn as a statement peice even though it is a dainty necklace.

The second thing I bought was a set of pearl earrings for £1. I had been looking for a pair of earrings that would match almost every outfit, and these wear perfect for that, except that there were 6 pairs of these I different sizes. I have been wearing the third smallest pair the most as it fits the best. 

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