The Girl Online Trilogy

As you may know from reading some of my previous blogposts where I reviewed some of her beauty products, I really enjoy watching Zoe Sugg’s, or Zoella’s, videos. Back in November 2014, she released her first novel, the original Girl Online, which I then bought later in 2015. Since then she has released two more books, Girl Online on Tour in October 2015, and her latest novel, Girl Online Going Solo in November 2016. The Girl Online novels are one of my favourite books I have read, so for this week’s post I will be reviewing the trilogy and why I loved reading them.

The stories are about a fifteen year old girl named Penny who lives in Brighton with her parents and older brother and she lives beside her best friend Elliot. Her family have an oppurtunity to visit New York, and there she meets a musician named Noah. The story continues on from there, and you find out what happens to Penny and Noah and all the other characters. The books touch on anxiety and panic attacks which Penny suffers with. They also talk about best friends and enemies.

All three of the books are available in hardback, and the original and second are available in paperback at most bookstores. I own them all in hardback and I bought them from Amazon.



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