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Barry M are mainly known as a nail polish brand, and most of the products I own from them are nail polishes. Barry M also sell makeup, and I have used a few makeup products from there, all of which I will be reviewing in this blogpost. I have reviewed all of my Barry M nail polishes in my Nail Polish Collection blogpost, and the link for that is here. The makeup products from Barry M I will be reviewing are two glitter pots, an eyeshadow palette, a lipgloss, and a cream blush.


1. Limited Edition Shadow and Blush Palette in “Starry Eyed”



This limited edition palette contains six different eyeshadows and one blush. The palette looks like it is designed for autumn, but it could be used at any time of the year. The first eyeshadow is a nude shade which can probably be used as a base or blending colour. The second shade is an opaque glittery dark blue which I don’t use as much, and next to it is a brownish red shade. The next one is a very opaque glittery gold, and next to that is a dark brown. The final eyeshadow is a glittery berry-toned/plum which is one I also don’t use as much. The blush is a bright glittery orange which is perfect for autumn and winter. The palette is perfectly sized for it to be taken anywhere, while the eyeshadows are very decently sized. It also has a small mirror that isn’t too big.

2. “Lip Boss” Lip Gloss

“Lip Boss” Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is the “glossiest” lip gloss I have ever worn or used. It smells like berries and is a sheer gloss. It is a bit sticky, but other than that is a really good gloss.

3. & 4. Dazzle Dust & Fine Glitter Dust


Dazzle Dust


Fine Glitter Dust

The Dazzle Dust is made for anywhere on the face, but the fine glitter dust is not madefor around the eyes, so, because of that, I don’t use the fine glitter dust a lot. The Dazzle Dust is a greyish lilac powder that you can use anywhwere on the face, for example, a highlight, eyeshadow, or on the lips over a gloss or lipstick.

5. Make Me Blush Cream Blush in Rhubarb Crumble

Make Me Blush Cream Blush in “Rhubarb Crumble”

I have reviewed this cream blush before in my Everday Makeup Routine, and the link to that can be found here, but I thought I would include it as it is one of Barry M’s makeup products that I own.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my Barry M makeup blogpost, and there will be a new blogpost up next Sunday at 6 PM GMT.


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