Zoella Beauty: Christmas Range 2016

Zoella Beauty bring out a new Christmas range during the Christmas period every year. Although it is now February, some of the products are still available on Superdrug and FeelUnique. I have reviewed the original collection before (link here), and will review the other collections in later posts. I purchased two products from the range this year: a hand cream and a cosmetic purses trio.

This hand cream is called “Hungry Hands” and is available for £1.99 (original price £5.99). In my blogpost reviewing the original collection, I reviewed the original hand cream, “Wonder Hand”, which is exactly like “Hungry Hands” except with a different scent. “Hungry Hands” has a gingerbread scent as does the rest of the Christmas range.

This set is the “We Three Beauties” bag trio available for £4.99 (original price £7.99).

 The first and largest is the clear purse with the Zoella Beauty logo in the middle on the front in a bright coral shade. I think this set is the best for travelling or as an everyday makeup pouch.

The second pouch, which is my favourite from the trio, is the rose gold/copper sequin-covered pouch. It also has the Zoella Beauty logo in white in the front. Out of the three, this is the only one that could be used as a purse/bag as it is the best size. The zip is also covered in rose gold/copper sequins. The whole purse is covered in a plastic seal so it feels smoother than it would without the seal. This purse could be used as a clutch, but is designed for makeup and/or toiletries.

The smallest pouch is made from a cloth material, and has the quote “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti” in metallic gold. I have used this one the most as you can just pop it in your handbag for anything from lip balm to extra change.

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