Bath & Body Works Favourites

I don’t own a lot from Bath and Body Works, but there are two things I use all the time which are my Bath and Body Works favourites. There are a large amount of smells, which means you can get every type of product (like candles, body creams, hand gels, etc..) in loads of different scents. In this post I will be reviewing one of the medium sized candles and one of the hand creams they sell.


1. Candle in “Warm Vanilla Sugar”

Candle in “Warm Vanilla Sugar”

Bath and Body Works are mostly known for their candles, and this one is my favourite. I think the name of the candle describes the scent perfectly; it is a “warm “sweet vanilla scent. It has lasted a long time, just like most other Bath and Body Works candles do. You can’t get this candle in this packaging anymore, but they do one with the same scent with three wicks instead of one like I have.

2. Hand Cream in “Caribbean Escape”


I was gifted this hand cream a while ago, but have only started using it more now that when I got it. The reason for that is that is because winter is when everyone starts using more thick creams since the weather is very drying. It has a strong coconut and tropical scent which lasts for a long time instead of just fading away as most other hand creams do. It is very thick (which is amazing if your hands are very dehydrated), absorbs quite quick, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It contains Vitamin E and Shea butter which makes it very moisturising.

This is the end of my Bath and Body Works favourites post and I hope you enjoyed it. This is the second of my brand favourites posts, and if you would like anymore tweet me @xoannablog or DM me on instagram @xoannablog. I will be posting a new blogpost next Sunday at 6 PM GMT.


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