Baby Lips Lip Balm

Around this time last year, I saw a few Baby Lips at Boots, and I bought one as they are very popular and I had heard a lot of good reviews about them. A while later I received a couple more as gifts and started using them more. So, for this week’s blogpost, I will be reviewing all three of them talkign about the pigment, smell, and everythign else you need to know about a lip balm.



Baby Lips Lip Balm in “Pink Punch” (£2.99)

This was the first Baby Lips lip balm I bought, and out of the three, this one is my favourite. As it is a lip balm, the pigment isn’t as strong as a regular lipstick; it’s quite sheer. It has a slight glossy pink tint, and, just like the other two, is moisturising and applies on very smoothly. The colour combination for the packaging amazing, again, just like the other two and the rest of the collection. It is pink with a clear/yellow cap. One of teh best bits of this lip balm is that it smells like berries. I think it’s great to throw on on its own, and it’s not too bright so it doesn’t stand out; just the right amount of pigment.


Baby Lips Lip Balm in “Peach Kiss” (£2.99)

This lip balm is a creamy, peachy nude with glitter. I either use it on its own, or on top of another lip product to add extra shimmer. Just like “Pink Punch”, it doesn’t stand out too much which I like as I don’t prefer a strong lip over a sheer one. It smells the best out of all three, but it is really hard to describe. The only thing I have to say is that it smells really sweet and like peaches, as the name suggests.



Baby Lips Lip Balm Dr. Rescue in “Just Peachy” (£3.49)

This is the final lip balm I will be reviewing for this blogpost. It is different to the other two as it is from the Baby Lips “Dr. Rescue” collection, mainly designed to help hydrate your lips. Out of the three, this is the one I use the least. The main reason is probably the smell; it smells kind of like medicine. It is also very glittery, just like “Peach Kiss”.


This is the end of my second lip related post on this blog (first one was “My Three Recent Lip Faves“). I will be posting another blogpost next Sunday at 6 PM UK time.


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