Diamond Pinterest Inspired DIY

Last week I posted my first ever DIY blogpost, and it was one of my favourite blogposts I have ever done. I loved writing it, creating the DIYs, and the fact that anyone could recreate it but with a different pattern, colours, or just be inspired by it.

Pinterest is one of my favourite social medias, and I am always inspired by different DIYs that pop up on my feed, so this weeks blogpost will be one I have seen a lot all over Pinterest. I will be doing a really simple DIY, and the best thing is that you can recreate in a million different ways!


This DIY is made on a canvas, and is a picture of a dimaond made up of many different scraps of paper which I think is amazing as nobody’s DIY will ever be the same.


  • Patterned paper, magazines, etc (anything you can cut into a triangle to stick onto the canvas)
  • Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Paper Glue


Step 1

The first steps to cut a piece of paper into a square, and fold it down diagonally to a triangle as a guide for cutting the triangles later on. I then gathered my paper and used the guide I created to cut out fourteen triangles. I used some patterned paper, but I think it would turn out much better if you used scraps of paper from anywhere, like magazines, leaflets, etc. I think it looks the best when all the triangles are different colours so they contrast, or you could have them all the same colour, for example, all of them could be blue or have blue details.

Step 2

Next, taking your canvas and fourteen triangles, you need to arrange your triangles onto the canvas alternating between the top points of the triangles pointing up and down. To create the diamond shape, I placed five squares for the first line, five for the second, three for the third, and one for the last. On the first line, the first triangle’s top point needs to be facing upwards, and the other three lines need to have their first triangle’s top point to be facing downwards.

Step 3

Finally for the last step, I glued down all the triangles onto the canvas, while making sure to keep an equal amount of space between all of them, and that is the DIY done!


As I said in the beginning of the post, this DIY can be recreated in a million different ways, and nobodys DIY will ever be the same as anyone elses as everyone chooses different scraps of paper to stick onto the canvas.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blogpost and will recreate this Pinterest inspired DIY. As I have posted two DIY posts in a row to this blog, next week I will be having a completely different post going up, a haul! It will be up next Sunday at 6 PM UK time.


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