Autumn Canvas DIYs

I love art, and I love creating or recreating DIYs, especially room decor DIYs. I really wanted to make “DIY” a part of this blog, so today, I am doing my first DIY blogpost! Since I love Autumn and all it’s colours, I wanted to make this an Autumn DIY blogpost. Both of them will be on a canvas, as I really like creating art on them. Canvasses are also really easy to find in any craft supply store. I will be showing you how to make two really simple DIYs for the Autumn season.

1. Autumn Canvas


The first DIY has Autumn written in big bold letters in the middle of the canvas and design as the background. You will need a canvas, a pencil, a ruler or stencil to write the letters, and markers or paint to create the background. The first thing I did was sketch out the word “Autumn” in capital letters as they are much easier to draw, and then I outlined them with a black sharpie, or you could use paint. I then, with pencil incase I made any mistakes, drew lines at an angle all over the canvas using a ruler. I drew over the letters, but you need to erase them afterwards. Then I picked out which of my Sharpies I wanted to use, and, holding the marker at an angle, used it to fill in the stripes. I held it an angle because I think it looks much better because it leaves spaces behind as you fill it in. You could then colour in your letters, but since my letters were spaced together, I thought it would be hard to read if I did. You could use rubbing alcohol to bleed the background colours together for a tie-dye/gradient effect, but I preffered to leave it with stripes. You could also change the colours and change the season, like neon pinks and greens for the spring, or blues and purples for the winter.


2. Leaves Pop Art


This second DIY is also very simple, and doesn’t take a lot of time. All you need is a canvas, a ruler, a pencil, paint, masking tape or blue tack, a sponge or paintbrush, and a real leaf or one that has been printed out. First, you will need to divide your canvas into four equal parts using a pencil and ruler. Next, you need to use your leaf, a real one or one that has been printed out, and blue-tack it or use masking tape to put it in the middle of one of the squares on your canvas. I picked out four different colours, and sponged the paint onto the square which had the leaf on it. I repeated this on the other three squares with different colours, and it was finished! This can be recreated for any other season, like snowflakes for the winter or flowers for the spring. I also picked bright colours, not your regular autumn shades, as I think it fits the autumn period but has different colours. Although, you could change the colours to any you would like.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost showing you how to make two really simple Autumn DIYs! I will be posting lots more DIYs in the next few weeks, lots of room decor on canvasses, and garlands, etc.. My next blogpost will be up next Sunday at 6 PM UK time!


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