My 5 Fave Necklaces

Simple necklaces are the ones I love best. I think the chunky statement necklaces don’t suit me as well as the ones that have charms, a mini quote, or even beads. For this week’s blogpost, I have decided to do “My 5 Fave Necklaces”. The pictures do most of the explaining, it shows the colour, the design, the chain, etc.. I couldn’t find the links for any of these but you could search for the shops and find some very similiar ones or even updated versions.

1. H&M Gold and Black Necklace


Here is another H&M necklace, and this is probably the one I use most. This long gold chain necklace has a little charm attactched to it (it looks kind of like a dish full of jewels). Not only do I like the colour, but it’s really easy to take on and off as it’s oversized, you can just put it over your head without having to undo and redo the clasp



2. H&M Rose Gold Layered Necklace


This necklace is a layered necklace of two rose gold chains with a rose gold charm on each one. I really like how this can dress something up without it being a heavy statement.

3. Accessories Mint and Gold Bunting Necklace

img_7705As you can probably tell by the picture, I use this necklace a lot. It’s a very simple but cutre necklace with a design of what I think is meant to be bunting in mint green and gold. The camera definetly dosen’t pick up the amazing pastel green which is the colour of the three little triangles. The chain is (or once was) silver, but I have used it so much that it has changed a bit.

4. Forever 21 Letters Necklace


This gold chain necklace from Forever 21 comes with letters which you can use to write anything onto your necklace. The only thing I think it is missing is a hashtag sign which is included in many othe rnecklaces like this one.

5. Accessories Initial Necklace


This necklace is a really simple one, it has my initial as a charm in silver hanging on a silver chain. I like how it’s not a capital letter like most other intial necklaces are, it’s different to them.

This is the end of “My 5 Fave Necklaces” blogpost and I hope it gave you some inpiration and an idea of more simpel jewellery. There will be a new blogpost up next Sunday at 6 PM UK time!anna

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