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Every few months I change up my everyday scent, and these days I have been wearing the Let’s Spritz Fragranced Body Mist by Zoella Beauty. Although I will be doing a perfume collection in a few weeks time, I thought I would do a blogpost on what I wear everyday. I would like to do this seasonally, or every time I change the scent.

This product was first introduced to me in Zoe’s video announcing the new Tutti Frutti collection, and the two reasons I wanted it most was because of the scent, and the packaging. The mist is available for £8 at Superdrug and Feel Unique.
This mist is a product from the Zoella Beauty Tutti Frutti collection which launched, along with all the other products from the range, in July 2015. This was actually such a popular product, so that when the Tutti Frutti collection was going to be removed to make room for more products, this was the only product that remained from the collection.




The packaging of the mist is one of the reasons I was so eager to buy it, after the scent. The bottle has the logo, name, and information at the front, and the back has this beautiful lace detailing, but not with actual lace. The lace is also visible through the front of the bottle. It is, however, made of glass which is a huge downside as it is not very practical to put it your handbag and take out with you. I think it looks great on display, especially with the bright colours. I love the metallic green lid with the white polka dots, it adds some more colour, rather than a boring solid colour that any other perfume would have. The perfume itself also has a pink tint, matching the font on the front of the bottle.

This mist is a fruity, summery scent with notes of raspberry and cassis. I worried that this would be really sweet, but it’s more on the fruity side, and I think it’s much better that way. When I apply this in the morning, I use 2-3 sprays, and I find that lasts me nearly all day. If I apply it on the skin, I use a bit Vaseline first to make it last longer(which does actually work!) but if I’m spraying it on my clothing, I find it lasts all day.

I definitely recommend this if you love fruity and summery scents, if you’re looking for a new scent that lasts all day, or if you’re a fan of Zoe.


Thank you so much for reading my blogpost on this perfume, and there will be a new blogpost up next Sunday at 6 PM UK time!

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