Wall Transformation

I feel like paint can add a lot to a room, especially bright colours. I am a big fan of white walls and rooms, with bright pops of colour as the decor, but today, we wanted to paint a section of a wall dark blue (to match the curtains) and put up 8 mirrors from IKEA. I don’t want this to be a tutorial, more like a transformation. I want to show how much a bit of paint and colour can change a room or wall. I know this post will be a little different than my regular ones, but I’d like to I hope you enjoy this blogpost and it inspires you to change your room up a little with paint or maybe just a simple painting.
First, we wrote down the measurements on a piece of paper, like how much we want to paint and how much space should be in between each mirror. After we had all the measurements we used a pencil to write where we going to paint.
To make a clean line, you need masking tape, which is what we put on the lines we made with pencil. We then poured the paint into the painting tray, but the consistency was very thick, so we added water which smoothed it out and made it a bit thinner.

We used a paint roller to paint the wall, and I’m not going to lie, I was very excited to use as I’ve never used one. I actually have never painted a wall before, but I have painted a few canvases.
This was the first coat wet:
And this was it dry:
As you can see, one coat definitely wasn’t enough, as we expected, so we did a second coat, and this was it wet:
When I saw it wet, I thought that after it dried we would have to paint a third coat, but when it did dry, it looked completely even and opaque, and the white wall wasn’t showing through. This is the second coat dry:
I think it looks much more brighter and smoother in real life, than in the camera. One of the best bits was taking off the masking tape, it was just so satisfying! We left it for two days and the next morning we put up two mirrors.

If the lighting looks a bit different, its because the other six mirrors were put up the next day.
And this is the wall/project done! I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost showing that just a little bit of paint and decor can add so much to a room and wall. The mirrors are from IKEA and they are available here. Thank you so much reading and there will be a new blogpost at next Sunday at 6 PM UK time!


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