My Summer Essentials 2016

Every summer, I have a few things that I use on a daily basis. These are my five summer essentials.

1. The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Sorbet

This body sorbet was recommended by Zoella. It was in one of her favourites videos and when she mentioned that it drys quickly I instantly needed to buy it. I really hate that sticky or thick feeling when you apply it. It isn’t for dry skin, like Zoe mentioned, but if you’re looking for something to apply throughout the day without feeling very thick or sticky, this is the one. It is a “fresh body sorbet with pineapple and coconut extracts from the Caribbean.” The smell is a very tropical scent, a scent I don’t have too many of, but I love. It reminds me of sweet fruit juice as it is a Piñita Colada sorbet. I’ve never tried a body sorbet before, but if all of them are like this one, I will definitely be buying more.
Rating: 8/10

2. Portable Fan

A few years prior to buying it, I had been searching for a mini portable fan that’s powered by batteries and can fit into any bag. I spotted this in Rubber Dyas at the counter and bought the pink one. It only requires two triple A batteries, and it spins incredibly fast (depends how full your batteries are). It’s very tiny, even smaller than my hand, which it can fit into the tiniest of pockets. One thing I really don’t like about it though is the fact that it runs out of battery pretty quick. I am on holiday at the time of writing and have already gone through four batteries in the space of three days. This works great to cool you down, and works even better if you use the next summer essential along with it.

Rating: 6/10

3. Spray Bottle

I’m pretty sure that this spray bottle is actually for gardening, but I fill it up with water and use it to spray myself when I get hot. It may seem crazy, but it’s a sure quick way to get you cool in an instant. With the portable fan, it’s the best duo to keep you cool on a hot day. It also has an adjustable nozzle, which means that you can you use it as a mist or like a water gun. This can be found at any gardening shop, but I found a very close copy to mine here which also has an adjustable nozzle.

Rating: 7/10

4. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a must for me, especially in the summer. Looking in direct sunlight is really damaging for your eyes, which is another reason I wear them a lot. These ones are from Calvin Klein from Marchon Eyewear, however I couldn’t find a link for them. They come in a grey hardcase with silver embossed writing saying “Calvin Klein”. The downside to the case is that it is very big and takes up a lot of space. Other than that, these sunglasses and its case are the best I have ever tried.

Rating: 9/10

5. Lip Balm

Wherever I go, I always have a lip balm with me, no matter if it’s summer or winter. Recently, I rediscovered my Burt’s Bees Lip balm, which I bought about a year ago. This lip balm is a must for me as I am always forgetting to drink lots of water which results in very chapped lips. This one is in a really thin tin, but still has a lot of lip balm packed into it. It’s a very thick lip balm which means it’s quite hard to get out of the tin. When I first got it I used to just rub the tip of my finger on the top, but now I have realized you need to get quite a bit out for it to actually work. When you apply it onto your lips it feels a bit tingly since its minty. It also has a very strong smell of sweet mint which I’m sure many people will be a fan of. One thing that does put me off using this is the fact that I have to use my finger to apply it, which I’m sure some people hate, but other than that I love it. My favorite thing about it is probably it’s size and how moisturizing it is.

Rating: 8/10

These are my summer essentials for 2016. Thank you for reading, and there will be a new blog post up next Sunday at 6 PM UK time.

XO, Anna

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  1. Holly Mae says:

    I loved this post Anna, it’s so helpful! x

    1. XO, Anna says:

      Thank you so much! xo

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